Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Sanjoy Debbarma
PhD (NIT Silchar)



Mrs. Smitha Joyce Pinto Research Scholar

M.E in Instrumentation and Control (Biomedical Instrumentation),

Cummins college of engineering for women,  Pune,  Pune university).

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Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time
Professional Membership : NA

Highest Degree with specialization(Name of Institute)

  • M.E. in Instrumentation and Control (Specialization in Biomedical Instrumentation), Cummins college of engineering for women, Pune, Pune university.

Academic Honors & Awards:


Research Area:

  • Control and islanding detection in grid connected PV system.

Research Plan:

  • Research Plan

Seminar/Conference Attended :



  • Journal :
    • Smitha .J. Pinto and Gayadhar Panda, "Wavelet technique based islanding detection and improved repetitive current control for reliable operation of grid-connected PV systems", International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy systems, 67(2015), pp. 39-51.
    • Smitha .J. Pinto and Gayadhar Panda , "Performance evaluation of WPT based islanding detection in grid connected PV systems", International Journal of  Electrical Power and Energy systems, 78(2016), pp. 537-541.
  • Conference :
    • Smitha .J. Pinto and Gayadhar Panda , "Wavelet technique based grid monitoring and performance improvement of grid connected PV system employing PI controller", Renewable energy Integration, 5th International Exhibition and Conference GridTech 2015, pp. 24-32, New Delhi.
    • Smitha .J. Pinto and Gayadhar Panda, "Comparative Review of Different MPPT Techniques in Grid Connected PV Systems", National convention of electrical Engineers and National Seminar on Development of Smart Grid in India, November 2014.
    • Smitha. J. Pinto and Gayadhar Panda , "Investigation on PR controller based solar PV conditioning system", International conference on power, control and embedded systems, Anna university, Chennai, Feb. 27-28, 2014.
    • Smitha.J.Pinto and J.P.Gawande, “Performance analysis of medical image compression techniques”, 3rd IEEE Asian Himalayas international conference at Katmandu, Nepal, Nov- 2012.
    • Smitha.J.Pinto and J.P.Gawande, “Lifting based wavelet transform architecture for JPEG 2000”, National level technical paper presentation, ‘Futurizm 12’,  Feb.2012 at PDEA College of engineering, Pune.

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