Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Sanjoy Debbarma
PhD (NIT Silchar)



Ms. Moushumi Patowary Research Scholar

M.E.(Power System), Assam Engineering College, G.U., Assam.

Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time
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Highest Degree with specialization(Name of Institute)

  • M.E.(Power System), Assam Engineering College, G.U., Assam.

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Research Area:

  • Distributed Generation, Microgrid, Power Quality, Reliability Evaluation.

Research Plan:


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  • Journal : 

1. Moushumi Patowary, Gayadhar Panda, Bonu Ramesh Naidu and Bimal C. Deka, " ANN-
based adaptive current controller for on-grid DG system to meet frequency deviation and

transient load challenges with hardware implementation", IET Renewable Power
Generation, vol.12,no.1, pp. 61-71, 2018

2. Moushumi Patowary, Gayadhar Panda and Bimal C. Deka, " An adaptive current control-
detuned harmonics elimination schemes for enhancement of power quality in RES interfaced

AC-grid network", Elsevier- Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, vol.25, pp.
11-23, 2018
3. Vulisi Narendra Kumar, Moushumi Patowary, Gayadhar Panda, "Dynamic Power
Management Controller to the Self-Sustained Wind-Solar DC microgrid in the Transport
Applications", accepted in 3rd IEEE Conference on Convergence in Technology (I2CT
2018), Pune, India
4. Vulisi Narendra Kumar, Moushumi Patowary, Gayadhar Panda , "Solar Plant Integration
With Utility Grid For Improved Power Quality By Using Rnn-Hebbian-Lms Current
Controller", accepted in 2018 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia (ISGT
Asia 2018), Singapore

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