Dr. Atanu Banerjee
Dean (SW)
Email: deansw@nitm.ac.in

Dr. Paresh Nath Chatterjee
President, Students Activity Centre
Email: sacpresident@nitm.ac.in

Dr. Bidyasagar Kumbhakar
Vice-President, Cultural
Email: vp_saccultural@nitm.ac.in

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rathore
Vice-President, Sports
Email: vp_sacsports@nitm.ac.in

Dr. Dibyendu Adak
Vice-President, Technical
Email: vp_sactechnical@nitm.ac.in

The elected members of the Students’ Council for the academic year 2018-19 are as following:


S. S. Sri Karan
Roll No. B15CS029
General Secretary 1-Cultural
Email: sskaran@gmail.com
Mobile: 7005922828

K. Narsimha Reddy
Roll No. B16EC019
General Secretary 2-Cultural
Email: k3simha@gmail.com
Mobile: 9493911100

Shemphang Marwein
Roll No. B15ME013
General Secretary 1 -Science & Technology
Email: shemphang92marwein@gmail.com
Mobile: 8787579425

Leon Patrick Mawlong
Roll No. B16CS004
General Secretary 2 -Science & Technology
Email: b16cs004@nitm.ac.in
Mobile: 7308188239

Nathaneal Kharlukhi
Roll No. B15EE032
General Secretary 1 –Sports and Games
Email: nkharlukhi1@gmail.com
Mobile: 9774401184

Deepak Kumar Sah
Roll No. B16ME023
General Secretary 2 –Sports and Games
Email: dipakbakhari@gmail.com
Mobile: 9113143598


Na Oo Saki Garod
Roll No. B16CE019
Sports and Games – Member 1
Email: nsgarod08@gmail.com

Bankynshew Kharumunid
Roll No. B16CE005
Sports and Games – Member 2
Email: bankynshew12@gmail.com


Khrawboklang Kharsyiemiong
Roll No. B15CE009
Science & Technology – Member 2
Email: khrawboklangkharsyiemiong@gmail.com

Loknath Thapa
Roll No. S17CH014
P. G. Representative 2 (From M.Sc. students)
Email: loknath.2495@gmail.com