Our Values

We the Counselling Centre at NIT Meghalaya value kindness, genuine and authentic support that maintains confidentiality and utmost respect for our clientele. Students, faculty and staff are always welcomed to seek support when necessary.

Our Services

Individual Counselling

Provide confidential psycho-social support to clients using different therapeutic techniques, resources and guidance to aid in their well-being. On-campus and Hostel Services are available


Class/Group Sessions

Sessions on various topics surrounding mental health awareness and prevention are conducted on a campus wide basis to ensure well researched and relevant information is being provided. Lectures, Games and Activities are used to educate and engage the students or audience.


Meet Your Counsellors

Insaralang Syiemlieh,Counselling Psychologist

Riyaka Surong, Counselling Psychologist

Emeka Kharbani, Counselling Psychologist