“Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self- care is a necessity”


Concept of Counselling
Counselling provides an opportunity for individuals to learn to make better choices, improve interpersonal skills, develop confidence and increase educational effectiveness and it also helps individual to use their problem solving skills more effectively and to develop new or better coping skills. The main aim of the counselling is to focus on the overall wellbeing of the students and to bring a positive change in their holistic development.

Counselling Service of NIT Meghalaya
The counselling center has been set up for giving counselling services to the students of NIT Meghalaya so as to enable them to communicate their experience(s), thoughts, emotions and personal difficulties or other factors causing emotional disturbances. The center provides a positive and confidential environment where students can interact freely with the counsellor without inhibition & reluctance and be assured that there will be no prejudice or biasness in conducting the counselling sessions. The counsellor also ensures to observe, evaluate, guide the students in making appropriate changes to their lives where required and maintain a healthy relationship with the students.

Some of the possible challenges that can be addressed during the Individual and Group Counselling sessions are as follows:

Adjustment Problems

Lack of clarity in thoughts

Examination Fear


Low Self-confidence

Time Management

Relationship issues

Lack of motivation

Family issues

Low Self-esteem


Language barriers or communication issues etc.

Academic, peer or parental pressure

Sudden mood swings



The students may approach to the counsellor even for the following situations also

  • Uneasy or fearful in facing your parents because of your academic performance.
  • Some awkward incidents happened in the campus, hostel related to you or with others which is bothering you.
  • Some strange behavior of your friends which may be alarming or unusual.
  • Sometime you are not also feeling well but don’t know the actual reason.
  • Confusion with career related decision etc.

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind


The students can directly come to the Guidance & Counselling Centre on all working days and also communicate their problems through email.


Some Common Misconceptions about Counselling

Misconception 1- Counselling is only for people with serious mental issues.

Fact 1:  Counselling can help someone through major life issues as well as day to day life issues. Sometime in life we just need someone unbiased to talk about a situation or feeling. It is very normal to seek help for any large /small issues or when you are not feeling well and you don’t know the reason behind it. Sometime one can even go for counselling to improve their certain skills e.g. communication skills, self awareness etc.

Misconception 2: Seeking counselling means the person is week.

Fact 2: In contrast, admitting problem and seeking help is the first step towards self development. Counselling does not mean you are mentally sick but it is about the courage to face or deal with the problem rather than to run away or avoid it.

Misconception 3: If I go for counselling everyone will know about this.

Fact 3: Counsellor ensures that all the counselling sessions are strictly private and confidential. Exceptions are made when there is some serious /risky situation or situation related to law.

Misconception 4: It is awkward to talk to the counsellor about by personal issues.

Fact 4: It is very common feeling during your first visit but it fades away out with the time when you will be familiar and comfortable with the counsellor.

Misconception 5: The counsellor’s job is to give advice

Fact 5: The counselor’s job is to identify the actual problem and help you to solve your problems with your own skills.