For the development of the NIT Meghalaya, the institutional strategic plan comprising strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of the institute has been prepared in the following way,

The Director, Registrar, Deans of the Institute, all HoDs, and other stakeholders of the Institute had several interactions extensively and arrived at the tentative strategic analysis. Again, it was discussed with all faculty and staff members of the institute to finalize the strategic plan. The detailed procedure to prepare the strategic plan is as given below,

  1. Meeting and consultation were conducted with all stakeholders such as management,
    Deans, HoDs, faculty, staff, student, parents, and alumni.
  2. Each department submitted data to strengthen the following institute infrastructure
    such as research laboratories, workshops, library, and campus infrastructure
  3. The complete development plan was farther discussed with HoDs andSenior faculties
    of the institute. Further, the valuable suggestions and inputs were incorporated.
  4. The final developmental plan was placed before the BOG for consideration and
  5. While preparing the strategic plan, the following factors were considered
    • The existing infrastructure of the institute, including buildings, laboratories,
      equipment, workshop, library, transport, hostel and other facilities.
    • Fee structures and admission policies as per the MHRD norms.
    • Outcome based curriculum development and the teaching & learning process.
    • Employability
    • Faculty and staff training program
    • Research, consultancy and industry-institute interaction.


  1. Institute is having young and dynamic faculty and staff members.
  2. From the last three years institute has been ranked within 100 by NIRF ranking.
  3. Sponsored research project from DST, ISRO, UGC-DAE, DIC and including bilateral
  4. Research collaboration with reputed foreign universities/institutes including USA,
    Japan, Germany, Isreal, Poland, Italy etc.
  5. Student and Faculty Exchange research program with Japan and UK.
  6. Research collaboration with various national laboratories including TIFR, BARC, IITs,
    NISER, and ISRO.
  7. Excellent research outcomes published in high impact journals.


  1. Admissions through state quota yield academically weaker students.
  2. Difficulties in attract highly talent students for PG and research programs.
  3. Poor male-female student ratio.


  1. Space to improve the quality research by conducting international conferences and
    interaction with industry and R&D sectors
  2. Provide the training facility to enhance the teaching capabilities of faculties and
    skills for staff members.
  3. Offering a new UG/PG program in emerging areas.
  4. To assist academically weaker students in improving their quality.


  1. Expecting GATE and NET-JRF qualified candidates for the admission of M.Tech and
    PhD program however difficulties in attract highly talent students.
  2. There is no major industry in Northeast region to extend the industry-institute

By considering all the above factors, we have prepared the following strategic plan for 2019- 2024

  1. Plan for starting a new program in the emerging area for the next 5 years in all
    UG/PG (including basic Sciences)
  2. Attract international students
  3. Enhance internal support
  4. Library
  5. Faculty and staff improvement
  6. Campus infrastructure
  7. Placement
  8. Diversity
  9. Research and consultancy
  10. Outreach activities
Strategic Plan Specific Objective/Action Plan Expected Results/Target
Plan for starting a new program in the emerging area for the next 5 years in all UG/PG (including basic Sciences)
  1. To strengthen the existing UG/PG program by incorporating diverse specialization
  2. Initiate the interdisciplinary program in collaboration with nearby research institutes/industries
  3. Revise the major curriculum to make a bridge between academic and industry needs.
  4. Initiate a new program in a thrust area to resolve the societal challenges.
  5. To set up a new laboratory in advance research areas.
  6. To increase students' intake.
  7. Increase the number of summer internship
  8. Extend the academic help to weaker students.
  1. Produce skilled UG/PG students to fit the requirement of industrial needs.
  2. The student gains the ability to resolve regional technological issues.
Attract international
  1. Increase the number of international students through wide publicity by linking with various international institutes.
  2. A joint exchange research program.
  3. To attract the bilateral research projects
  • Collaborative research work with International Universities.
Enhancement of internal support
  1. To monitor the academic performance of the students through ERP.
  2. To streamline academic results, routine, internal assessment, projects, etc
  • Improve the Transparency and efficiency of the academic, administrative work
  1. To strengthen the resources of the library to keep up to date.
  2. Extend the internet and intranet library access through OPAC
  1. Increase access to the library by students and faculties.
  2. Provides the access of libraries across in India
Faculty and staff improvement
  1. Encourage to attend various conferences/workshops at National/ International levels.
  2. To organize faculty development programs to improve in other fields.
  3. Encourage staff members for higher education.
  4. Organize the skill development program for staff members
  • Improve the overall performance of staff and faculty members.
Campus infrastructure
  1. To create space for built-up research laboratory and lecture halls including smart classrooms
  2. To create the digital infrastructure to record online lectures.
  3. To create infrastructure for surplus water and electricity supply, including backup.
  4. Establish a green campus environment.
  5. To set up the entrepreneurship within the camps.
  • Improves the required academic and campus infrastructures
  1. To increase the recruiters.
  2. Conducting employability enhancement
  3. Conducting carrier counseling
  • Increases the placement of graduates and scholars.
  1. To establish a diversity cell to address internal complaints of the faculties and students.
  2. To improve the hostel infrastructure for female students.
  3. To increase the percentage of women students in new admissions.
  4. To increase the recruitment of female faculties.
  • It gives a platform for independent work culture to female students and faculties
Research and consultancy
  1. To increase research funding from external agencies
  2. To increase the high-quality publications
  3. To attract more consultancy work
  4. Creation of new research and testing laboratory for consultancy work.
  5. Encourage faculty and scholars to file the patents
  6. To organize national, international workshops/conferences/schools in the emerging research fields.
  1. Develops the infrastructure for research and consultancy work
  2. Faculty and research scholars get a platform to interact with international researchers.
Outreach activities
  1. Adoption of nearby villages
  2. Organizing awareness programs to school children for the importance of Science and Mathematics education.
  3. Organizing interschool/intercollege competition to the benefit of school children
  • It provides the importance of higher education to rural students of Meghalaya.