Objectives of the Committee:

In view of pandemic outbreak across the globe due to COVID-19, students of the institute students were forced back to their respective home. During this period committee functions to keep students physically and mentally focussed towards their academic and other related extracurricular activities. Every effort is made to ensure proper atmosphere of learning even when the students are out of the institute & hostels. Students are advised to contact Institute Medical Officer in the event of any mental stress or alike conditions.  Apart from that, the students are also advised to intimate the SW office if they require any kind of assistance.

Once in every semester the SW office collects feedback from the students through the concerned faculty advisors on the following points:

  1. Academic Progress.
  2. Online Study.
  3. Physical Fitness.
  4. Mental Fitness.

After conducting meetings about the aforesaid information received within the committee, SW office complies and turn these in a form of department as well as institute level report. These reports with due approval from competent authority are shared with concerned department and section for further needful action.