The Security Section of the Institute is commended to provide security and safety to all campus residents as well as to the assets of the Institute.Presently, SIS security agency (A market leader in security) is handling the security at the campus and hostels. The entire work of the Security Section is supervised and controlled by a designated committee known as Security Committee (SC).

Roles and Responsibilities:

Security Committee supervises and monitors the functioning of Security Agency that is entrusted to monitor the security aspects and safety to the campus residents including students, faculty and staff members.

Basic Functions of the Security Section:

  1. To avoid the loss of properties & assets of Institute due to thefts, burglaries etc.
  2. To restrict the entry of trespassers inside the campus.
  3. To carry out routine maintenance work towards fencing, street lighting, patrolling by guards inside the campus.
  4. To ensure smooth conduction of different events, visit of dignitaries.
  5. To manage and regulate traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian inside the campus.
  6. To maintain peace & tranquillity within the campus.
  7. To issue vehicular passes to the visitors of the campus and to carry out security verification in respect of persons applying for Visitor's Pass.
  8. To manage proper parking of the vehicles inside the campus.

Areawise Supervisors and their Contacts Detail

  1. Institute
    Mr. D. Sonowal: (Mobile: 9612547583) Mr. Livingstone Syiem: (Mobile: 8787802877)
  2. Lapalang, PG Hostels:
    Umpling and Nogthymmai Girls Hostels Mr. R. Thapa: (Mobile: 9862853620)
  3. Polo, Bomboo Hut and Laban
    Mr. Medi: (Mobile: 9774403455)

Important Links:

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  2. Application Form for Vehicle Pass