SL. No.  Project Title  Sponsoring Agency PI Sanction Amount Financial year of Sanction  Duration  Status 
1 Design and development of DSP / FPGA based digital controller for hybrid active power filter applied to Industrial non-linear loads in distribution system. SERB-DST Prof. Gayadhar Panda                     22,98,000.00  2011-2012  3 years Completed 
2 Rehabilitation of RC beam-column connections by epoxy resin injection and FRP sheets wrapping SERB-DST Dr. Comingstarful Marthong                     20,88,000.00  2014-2015  3 Years Completed 
3 Biodegradation of pulp and paper mill waste using different composting techniques SERB-DST Dr. Meena Khwairakpam                     32,93,000.00  2014-2015  3 years Transfer
4 Technology Transfer of Betel Nut cutter and Briquette making machine Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG-NE) Dr. Deba Kumar Sarma                       1,80,000.00  2015-2016  1 year Completed
5 Seismic vulnerability assessment of school buildings of East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya and the methods for reducing it SDMA-Govt. of Meghalaya Dr. Comingstarful Marthong                       9,12,000.00  2015-2016  2 years Completed 
6 Efficient Multi-dimensional Qubit Placement in Quantum Circuits SERB-DST Dr. Kamalika Datta                     14,82,900.00  2015-2016  3 years Completed 
7 Ultra Low Power Multi Array 64K X 16 Dual Bit associative memory with partial matching capability SERB-DST Dr. Anup Dandapat                     26,30,000.00  2015-2016  3 years  Completed 
8 Transition metal catalyzed cleavage of carbon-carbon bonds: synthetic, mechanistic and theoretical studies SERB-DST Dr. Paresh Nath Chatterjee                     24,70,000.00  2015-2016  3 years  Completed 
9 Development of 3-D Supramolecular Structure-Based Optoelectronic Materials Towards Photovoltaic Devices DST _ Indo Korea Dr. Gitish Kishor Dutta 2765560.00 2015-2016 3 years  Completed  
10 Diketopyrrolopyrrole and isoindigo based luminescent conjugated polymers for colorimetric and fluorogenic sensors SERB-DST Dr. Gitish Kishor Dutta                     22,38,000.00  2015-2016  3 years Completed
11 Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System Design (SMDP-C2SD) MeitY Dr. Anup Dandapat                     94,04,000.00  2015-2016  5 years Ongoing
12 Pulses in Spatial Population Dynamics Indo-French Centre for Applied Mathematics (IFCAM) Dr. Bapan Ghosh                       7,00,000.00  2015-2016  1 year Transfer
13 Modeling and Control of the hydraulically actuated Ring Inlet Guide Vane of Francis Turbine by Adaptive Neural Network Sliding mode Controller Design DST-SERB Dr. Bikash Kumar Sarkar                     30,42,600.00 2015-2016 3 year Completed
14 Parallel Model Checking of Hybrid Systems SERB-DST Dr. Rajarshi Ray                     21,75,600.00  2015-2016  3 years  
15 Investigation of Dynamic Reconfigurable Issues in Cryptographic Algorithm Implementation on FPGA Platform DEITY Dr. Kamalika Datta                     15,00,000.00  2015-2016  1 year 3 months Completed
16 Provision of Frequency Regulation using V2G Control and HVDC transmission Links with Virtual Synchronous Power concept SERB-DST Dr. Sanjoy Debbarma                     10,00,000.00  2016-2017  2 years Completed
17 Smart Biomimetic molecular crystal of energy conversion SERB-DST Dr. Naba Kamal Nath                     37,07,000.00  2016-2017  3 years  Completed 
18 An investigation into the molecular interaction of dietary polyphenols with hen egg white lysozyme using biophysical techniques SERB-DST Dr. Atanu Singha Roy                     36,69,000.00  2016-2017  3 Years Completed
19 Modeling, Dynamics and Benefits of Marine Protected Areas SERB DST (indo-Russian) Dr. Bapan Ghosh                     14,69,600.00  2016-2017  3 year Transfer
20 Synchrophasor Sensing and Seamless Control of Smart Distribution Network with Renewable Energy Integration RECTPCL Prof. Gayadhar Panda                 1,31,75,000.00  2016-2017  3 years Ongoing
21 Development of CAD Tools for Synthesis, Optimization and Verification of Digital Circuits using Memristors (Indo-Austria) SERB-DST   Dr. Kamalika Datta                       8,65,500.00  2016-2017  2 Years Completed 
22 Thermal Detection of Malignancy and Estimation of Its Properties in a Human Breast SERB-DST   Dr. Koushik Das                     17,45,984.00  2016-2017  3 Years Completed
23 Novel Biocompatible Nanocomposites for SERS Based Sensing of Biomolecules and Toxic Metal Ions SERB-DST   Dr. Mukul Pradhan                     83,00,000.00  2016-2017  5 Years Transfer
24 Cost effective combination of t-head groynes for river bank protection SERB-DST Dr. Hriday Mani Kalita                     19,16,150.00  2016-2017  3 years Completed
25 Design & development of an intelligent controller for a Vienna Rectifier based grid-connected hybrid energy conversion system comprising of wind & solar energy sources. SERB-DST Dr. Atanu Banerjee                     32,77,560.00  2016-2017  3 years Completed 
26 Studies on Orthoconic Anti-ferroelectric liquid crystals  SERB-DST Dr. Ayon Bhattacharjee                      20,05,520.00  2016-2017  3 Years Completed 
27 Modelling and control of the hydraulically actuated ring inlet guide vane of Francis Turbine by Adaptive Neural Network sliding mode Controller Design SERB-DST Dr. Bikash Kumar Sarkar                     30,42,600.00  2016-2017  3 years Completed 
28 Application of masking technique and reverse EDM Technique for pattern generation by selective area deposition of material using Powder metallurgical green compact tool and sintered tool electrode  SERB-DST Dr. Maneswar Rahang                     27,84,490.00  2017-2018  3 years Completed 
29 Structural Behaviour of Lean duplex stainless steel Tubular Beams with web opening SERB-DST Dr. M. Longshithung Patton                     19,03,990.00  2017-2018  3 years  Completed 
30 Investigation of Dielectric Properties towards assessment of cros-linked Ployethylene (XLPE) Cable Insulation using Dielectric Response Analysis SERB-DST Dr. Supriyo Das                     32,40,072.00  2017-2018  3 years  Completed 
31 Molecular interactions of the antioxidant polyphenols and their copper complexes with human serum albumin and its glycated analogues CSIR Dr. Atanu Singha Roy                       6,90,000.00  2017-2018  3 Years Completed
32 Cloud-assisted Data Analytics based Real-Time Monitoring and Detection of Water Leakage in Transmission Pipelines using Wireless Sensor Network for Hilly Regions NMHS Dr. Vipin Pal                     44,70,880.00  2017-2018  3 Years Ongoing
33 Feasibility study on use of locally available material (low-grade aggregates) for road construction (BRO project Pushpak in Mizoram) BRO, Shillong Dr. Comingstarful Marthong                       4,95,600.00  2017-2018  1 years Completed
34 Post processing of NQR signals in digital domain in FPGA  GOI, Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) Dr. P. Rangababu                     20,03,000.00  2018-2019  2 years  Ongoing 
35 QM + MM Chemical Dynamics on Chemical Reactions and Non-Adiabatic Processes in Condensed Phase Molecular Systems SERB-DST Dr. Amit Kumar Paul                     36,58,000.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
36 Non-contact method of vibration as well as velocity parametres estimation based on goertzel algorithm in PLL Technique SERB-DST Dr. Ksh Milan Singh                     30,18,000.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
37 Phonetic and psosodic analysis of Khasi language SERB-DST Dr. Ch. V Rama Rao                     16,13,280.00  2018-2019  3 Years  Ongoing 
38 Investigation on Data-Driven Event Detection using Indian Power Grid's Synchrophasor Data. SERB-DST Dr. Diptendu Sinha Roy                     19,41,060.00  2018-2019  3 Years  Ongoing 
39 K-Fusion Frames- Applications to Sensor Network and Coding Theory SERB-DST Dr. Saikat Mukherjee                       6,60,000.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
40 Iterative methods for solving non-square linear systems SERB-DST Dr. Manideepa Saha                     17,48,560.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
41 Fluid dynamical aspects in nuclearing of laser produced nanoparticles in liquids   SERB-DST Dr. Arpita Nath                     51,66,893.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
42 On LU-factorization of Generalized M-matrices", funded by Department of Atomic Energy-NBHM. Atomic Energy-NBHM. Dr. Manideepa Saha                     14,33,600.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
43 Development of High Sensitivity CMOS-MEMS Integrated Pressure Sensor and System for Space Application ISRO Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rathore                     32,46,000.00  2018-2019  2 years  Ongoing 
44 Real Time Control and Energy management for Seamless Operation of DC Microgrid in Grid - Connected and stand Alone SERB-DST Prof. Gayadhar Panda                     44,56,450.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
45 Design & Development of a Cost- effective & Energy- efficient Grid- connected Pumped Hydro System employed with Sensor-less PMBLDCM CPRI Dr. Atanu Banerjee                     32,90,000.00  2018-2019  2 years  Completed
46 Masking of interfering sounds in a crowded environment for hearing aid appilcations SERB-DST Dr. Ch. V Rama Rao                     23,46,447.00  2018-2019  3 years  Ongoing 
47 Tensionmeter based automated IoT system for irrigation DDP-DST  Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                     16,84,941.00  2019-2020  2 years  Ongoing 
48 Prediction Detection and Monitoring System for Landslide in Hilly Region  DST-IBCD (International Bilateral Cooperation Division) Indo-Japan Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                       6,26,000.00  2019-2020  2 Years Ongoing
49 Instrumentation, Real Time- Monitoring and Remediation of a steep soil slope stability in Meghalaya SERB-DST Dr. Smrutirekha Sahoo                     35,03,500.00 2019-2020 3 Years  Ongoing 
50 Synthesis of biocompatible silver and gold nanoparticles using dietary polyphenols as reducing agents: Further investigation into their binding efficacies with the carrier proteins, biomolecular, detections, anti-bacterial properties and cell cytotoxicity  SERB-DST Dr. Atanu Singha Roy                     25,12,400.00  2019-2020  3 Years  Ongoing  
51 Assesment of climate change impact on soils and various water of Meghalaya using existing and newer techniques DST - CCP Dr. Paresh Nath Chatterjee                     66,45,175.00  2019-2020  3 year  Ongoing 
52 Development of low cost fully -Biodegradable plastic-Bambo Board for structural application  SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Kishore Debnath                       1,00,000.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
53 Development and Characterization of Ternary Blended Geopolymer Concrete: A sustainable materials for green construction and technology SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Dibyendu Adak                           99,275.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
54 Design and fabrication of hand and foot-powered Grain Segregator SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Maneswar Rahang                           72,600.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
55 Design and fabrication of Grain Dryer Machine SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Maneswar Rahang                           95,700.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
56 Master Node Design for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Ksh Milan Singh                           99,960.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
57 Differentiating Rooftop Rainwater harvesting SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Susmita Sharma                           47,960.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
58 Lakshym Jal-The water filtration system SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Susmita Sharma                           42,900.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
59 Solar Based Room Heater Cum food drier with energy Storage Unit SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Rajat Subhra Das                           97,834.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
60 Development of electric carrier to transport the goods in rural Hilly Area SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Rakesh Roy                       1,00,000.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
61 Ground Improvement using Waste plastic-coated Bambo Grid (WPBG) Reinforced Soils SCSTE, Meghalaya  Dr. Smrutirekha Sahoo                       1,00,000.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
62 Cloud-Assisted Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Area SCSTE, Meghalaya Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                           99,748.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
63 Smart Agro Modular System SCSTE, Meghalaya Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                           46,465.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
64 Smart Blind Stick SCSTE, Meghalaya Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                           19,950.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
65 A Self Sustained Multiple Sensor IoT Based Landslide Detector Early Warning System SCSTE, Meghalaya Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                           49,335.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
66 A portable Wind-Hydro Hybrid Electronic Charger Targeted for Outdoor Activities and Military Applications SCSTE, Meghalaya Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar                           49,742.00  2019-2020  1 year  Completed 
67 Multi-stimuli responsive smart crystalline material derived from organic molecular photoswitch" SERB-DST Dr. Naba Kamal Nath                     31,72,400.00  2019-2020  3 Years  Ongoing  
68 Design & Development of High frequency Multilevel Resonant Inverter based New Generation Induction Heated Autoclave System for Sterilization of Surgical Instruments” sponsored by MEitY, Govt. of India under NaMPET-III Meity Dr. Atanu Banerjee                     25,00,000.00  2019-2020  2 years Ongoing 
69 Low cost faster & accurate low velocity impact damage imaging along with the depth profiling for carbon fibre reinforced composite materials using vibro-thermography SERB-DST Dr. Tanmoy Bose                     45,33,653.00  2019-2020  3 years Ongoing
70 The Use of e-Writers in Teaching Writing Skill to Special Students of Dwar Jingkyrmen ICSSR, New Delhi Dr. Paonam Sudeep Mangang 4,00,000.00 2019-2020 1 year Completed
71 Exploring High Density Magnetic Medium in Nanocrystalline Spinel Ferrites for Mganetic Recording Systems DST-SERB Dr. Tribedi Bora 21,71,730.00 2019-2020 3 Years Ongoing
72 Post Transition State Dynamics on Chemical Reactions and the Effect of Solvation CSIR Dr. Amit Kumar Paul  13,96,000.00 2019-2020 3 Years Ongoing 
73 Development of E-Mode III- Nitride devices for energy devices tride devices for energy optimized agile power electronics DST/INT/Czech Dr. Shubhankar Majumdar 2776906.00 2020-2021 3 Years Ongoing