Dr. Paonam Sudeep Mangang
Dean (SW)
Email: deansw@nitm.ac.in

Dr. Atanu Singha Roy
President, Students Activity Centre
Email: sacpresident@nitm.ac.in


Dr. Susmita  Sharma
Vice-President, Cultural                   Email: vp_saccultural@nitm.ac.in


Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rathore
Vice-President, Sports
Email: vp_sacsports@nitm.ac.in

       Dr. Bunil Image

Dr. Bunil Kr. Balabantaray
Vice-President, Technical
Email: vp_sactechnical@nitm.ac.in




Mr. Anderson Rapsang
SAS Assistant
Email: anderson.rapsang@nitm.ac.in




Name:- Da E Mika Mandiam Gashnga
Email ID:-B20ME003@nitm.ac.in
Designation:- General Secretary - 1 (Cultural)

Name : Himanshu Kashyap
E-mail id : B21CE002@nitm.ac.in
Designated Post : General Secretary -2 (Cultural)

Name: Pardhu Mattupalli
Email id:B20CS020@nitm.ac.in
Designation: General Secretary 1 (Science & Technology)

Name: T. Swaroop Kumar
Email id: B21CE019@nitm.ac.in
Designation : General Secretary-2 (Science and Technology)

Name:Sajan Sharma
Institute Mail Id: b20me026@nitm.ac.in
Designated Post: General Secretary 1 (Sports and Games)

Name : Banlamphang Kharnaior
Email Id : b21ec013@nitm.ac.in
Post : General Secretary -2 (Sports and Games)

Name: Embhahlang Biam
Email: B20CE007@nitm.ac.in
Designated Posts: Female Representative

Name: Abhay Verma 
Email: t22cs001@nitm.ac.in
Designated Posts: Post Graduate Representative -1(M.Tech.)

Name: Venkatesh N 
Email: s22cy003@nitm.ac.in
Designated Posts: Post Graduate Representative-2 (M.Sc.)

Name: Sumant Kumar Dalai 
Email: p22ee002@nitm.ac.in
Post: Research Scholar Representative 

Name: Sandeep Ghosh
Email: p22ph009@nitm.ac.in
Post: Hostel Affair-Representative 

Name :Shubham Kumar
Email Id : b22ee028@nitm.ac.in
 Designated post :Member-Sports & Games(Member-1)

Name : Rohit Aryan
Email Id : b22ee017@nitm.ac.in
 Designated post :Member-Sports & Games(Member-2)

Name - : Ashvil Nagar
Email - b22ce010@nitm.ac.in
Post Name - Members- Cultural

Name - Satyajeet Rai
Email -b22ec021@nitm.ac.in
Post Name - Members- Cultural

Name:Rounak Saha
 Email id- b22cs008@nitm.ac.in
Post- Member -Science & Technology(Member-1)


Name:Achintya Chaudhary
Institute Email ID: b21cs035@nitm.ac.in
Designated Post: Publicity