The Institute has ten hostels located at different locations in the city.

A. Boys’ Hostels

  • Number of Boys’ Hostels: Eight (09)
  • Total Capacity: 453

B. Girls’ Hostels

  • Number of Girls’ Hostels: Two (03)
  • Total Capacity: 180

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  1.  Chief Warden:
    Dr. Sanjoy Debbarma ,
    Contact: Mob No: 9485177007

  2. Office Assistant, CW Office:

    Contact: Mob No:

The Guiding Principles:

  1. To promote a spirit of brotherhood among all students of the Institute, bridging differences in home state, academic program, branch of study, food habits and cultural preferences.
  2. To promote sense of coexistence, cooperation and mutual trust among all residents of hostels.
  3. To maintain discipline for creating superior academic and social environment in the hostels.
  4. To provide opportunities to the students for developing managerial skills by providing autonomy of hostel management
  5. To help create a truly multi-cultural environment where students from diverse cultural backgrounds share each other's experiences in most cordial manner.
  6. To take care of security of the students and their belongings.
  7. To instill moral values, particularly sincerity, commitment, and involvement among all residents.
  8. To help students conquer regional differences and graduate with national pride and international outlook.