Head of Department

Dr. Prabir Kumar Saha


Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects
Investigator Title of the project Amount sanctioned Funding Agency Status
Dr. Anup Dandapat Special Manpower Development Project
(December 2016 to November 2021)
Rs. 94,04,000. 00 MEITY GOI Ongoing
Ultra-Low Power Multi Array 64K X 16 Dual  Bit Associative Memory with partial matching Capability March 2016 to March 2019) Rs.26,30,000.00 SERB-DST Ongoing
Dr. Anup Dandapat (Co-PI) A “Study Project Proposal” on Dynamic Reconfigurable Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms on FPGA Platform. Rs 15,00,000.00 DeitY Completed
Assessment of climate change impact on soils and various water basins of Meghalaya using existing and newer techniques Rs. 66.45 Lakh DST Ongoing
Dr. Ch V Rama Rao Phonetic and Prosodic Analysis of Khasi Language (June 2018 – August 2021) Rs. 16,13,280.00 SERB-DST Ongoing
Masking of interfering sounds in a crowded environment for hearing aid applications
(Mar 2018- March 2021)
Rs.23,46,447.00 DST-SERB Ongoing
Analysis of dialects of Khasi language Rs. 2,10,000.00 TEQIP-III Ongoing
Dr. Ch V Rama Rao (Co-PI) Post-Processing of NQR Signals in Digital Domain in FPGA Rs. 20,03,000.00 BRNS, DAE,GoI Ongoing
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rathore Development of High Sensitivity CMOS-MEMS Integrated Pressure Sensor and System for Space Application (Feb 2019-Feb 2021) Rs. 32,46,000.00 ISRO Ongoing
Design and Development of Highly Sensitive Non-Conventional Ring Channel Shaped MOSFET Based Current Mirror Integrated Pressure Sensor (July 2021- July 2024) Rs. 44,93,601.00 DST-DDP Ongoing
Fabrication and characterization of n-channel and p-channel MOSFET based Current Mirror Integrated Pressure Sensors   MeitY Completed
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rathore (Co-PI) Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) for Medical Imaging and Under Water Communication Rs. 36,33,696.00 SERB, DST,GOI Ongoing
Dr. P.Rangababu Preprocessing of NQR Signal in Digital domain in FPGA (June 2018-June 21) Rs. 20,03,000.00 BRNS,DAE, GOI Ongoing
Design and development of low power processor for IOT based ML applications  RS.2,10,000.00 TEQIP-III Ongoing
Dr. P.Rangababu (Co-PI) A “Real-Time Control and Energy Management for Seamless Operation of DC Microgrid in Grid-connected and Standalone Modes Rs. 44,56,000.00 SERB, DST,GOI Ongoing
A “Study Project Proposal” on Dynamic Reconfigurable Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms on FPGA" Rs. 15,00,000.00 Deity, GOI Completed
Dr.Prabir Kumar Saha Efficient Hardware Algorithm Design for Crypto-Processor RS.1,99,500.00 TEQIP-III Ongoing
Dr.Shubhankar Majumdar Tensiometer based automated IoT system for irrigation (PI) (April 2019-Mar 2021) Rs. 16,84,941.00 DST-DDP Ongoing
Prediction, Detection and Monitoring System for Landslide in Hilly Region  (April 2019-Mar 2021) Rs. 6,26000+ 36,000 $ (Japanese Side) DST & JSPS Ongoing
Development of E-mode III-Nitride devices for Energy Optimized Agile Power Electronics
3 years 2021-2024
Rs. 54,52,162.00 (Indian Side) + 30,00,00 (Czech Side)  DST -Bilateral Ongoing
Air Quality network for SMART City: Real-time- air quality monitor, evaluation, and prediction of air pollutants using Machine Learning through the deployment of low-cost air quality sensor (LAQS) in India and two selected ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Philippines). 2021-23 Rs 41,28, 096.00 (Indian Side)  ASEAN-India STI Cooperation Ongoing
Cloud-Assisted Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Area Rs 99,960.00 (Indian Side) State Council of Science, Technology & Environment Meghalaya Completed
Smart Agro Modular System Rs 46,465.00 State Council of Science, Technology & Environment Meghalaya Completed
Smart Blind Stick Rs 19,950.00 State Council of Science, Technology & Environment Meghalaya Completed
A Self Sustained Multiple Sensor IoT Based Landslide Detector Early Warning System Rs 49,335.00 State Council of Science, Technology & Environment Meghalaya Completed
A portable Wind-Hydro Hybrid Electronic Charger Targeted for Outdoor Activities and Military Applications Rs 49,742.00 State Council of Science, Technology & Environment Meghalaya Completed
Dr.Shubhankar Majumdar (Co-PI) Cloud-assisted Data Analytics based Real-Time Monitoring and Detection of Water Leakage in Transmission Pipelines using Wireless Sensor Network for Hilly Regions. Rs. 44,70,880.00 Ministry of Earth Science under National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NHMS) Ongoing
Dr.P.Rangababu (PI) & Execution Team
Dr.Abhishek Sarkhel
Dr.Shravan Kumar Bandari
Dr.Ch.V Rama Rao
Dr. Satydenra Singh Yadav
Dr. Dr.Shubhankar Majumdar & Department faculties
AI Empowered Advanced Wireless Communication Systems (May 2021- May 2025) Rs. 80,00,000.00 DST-FIST GOI Ongoing
Dr.Shravan Kumar Bandari Deep-cancellation: A deep learning approach to mitigate interference in GFDM receiver for future wireless systems Rs. 1,83,000.00 TEQIP-III Ongoing
Dr. Satyendra Singh Yadav Development of Machine Learning  Based Parallel Algorithms for Future Generation Wireless Systems Rs. 2,00,000.00 TEQIP-III Ongoing