Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Shaik Affijulla
PhD (NIT Meghalaya)



International Conference on Energy, Power and Environment (ICEPE)

ICEPE, a Flagship Conference of the Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Meghalaya is an international forum for the exchange of recent advancements in electrical technologies and applications. The conference has completed four editions of ICEPE and all the editions were technically co-sponsored by IEEE Kolkata Section. Besides, ICEPE 2020 & ICEPE 2022 have also received technical co-sponsorship from IEEE IAS. All the accepted papers are available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. 

The scope of the conference is to promote a forum, where researchers and engineers involved with electrical power systems and power electronics engineering may exchange their experiences and present solutions for actual and future problems. The conference offers a platform to the prominent academicians and industrial practitioners from all over the world to discuss about the environmental problems, intensive international efforts to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and increased generation of electrical energy to facilitate industrial growth and presents a base for identifying directions for continuation of research.

Please follow the link to know about the past editions of ICEPE:


ICEPE 2015: https://nitm.ac.in/icepe2022/ICEPE_2015.pdf


ICEPE 2018: https://nitm.ac.in/icepe2018/


ICEPE 2020: http://nitm.ac.in/icepenitm2020/


ICEPE 2022: https://nitm.ac.in/icepe2022/index.html