Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Sanjoy Debbarma
PhD (NIT Silchar)



Anish Pratap Vishwakarma Research Scholar

M.Tech, NIT Meghalaya

+91 7000836437
Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time

Research Area

Power Quality, Harmonic Mitigation, Power Systems, Machine Learning/ AI applications in Controller.

Journal Publications

  1. Anish Pratap Vishwakarmma and Rajkumar Jhapte, “Performance Analysis and Comparison of Optimally Tuned Hybrid Filter Controller for Arc Furnace Load”, Journals of Institute of Engineers Series B, April 2021.

Conference Publications

  1. Anish Pratap Vishwakarma and Ksh. Singh, “Comparative analysis of adaptive PI controller for current harmonic mitigation,” 2020 IEEE COMPE 2020, Nehu, India, 2020.
  2. Anish Vishwakarma and Ksh. Sing, “Comparative System Current Stability Analysis Using Optimally Tuned PI Controller”, 4th ICEPE, Shillong, India, 2022. (Presented)

Book Chapter

  1. Anish Pratap Vishwakarma and Ksh. Singh, “Performance Enhancement of Optimally Tuned PI Controller for Harmonic Minimization”, Control Application in Modern Power System, Springer Singapore, NIT Jamshedpur, India, 2021.