Civil Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Hriday Mani Kalita
Ph.D(IIT Guwahati )


About us


Civil Engineering Society at NITM aims to provide a clean platform of networking, knowledge exchange and process development . Civil engineering society often organize seminars, workshops, fostering collaborations, E-Library and many other intellectual and fun activities for the development of a student.


A forward-thinking vision for the Civil Engineering Society at NITM involves fostering innovation, promoting sustainable practices, and creating a collaborative environment for students to engage in real-world projects.This includes incorporating emerging technologies, emphasizing environmental consciousness, and establishing partnerships with industry experts to enrich the learning experience. Encouraging diversity, continuous skill development, and community outreach would also contribute to a well-rounded and Impactful civil engineering society at NITM.


The mission of the Civil Engineering Society at NITM is to inspire and empower students to excel in the field by providing a dynamic platform for learning, innovation, and collaboration. This involves facilitating knowledge exchange through workshops, seminars, and industry interactions, promoting sustainable and ethical practices in engineering, and instilling a sense of responsibility towards societal needs. The society aims to cultivate leadership skills, foster a culture of continuous learning, and contribute meaningfully to the community through impactful projects and outreach programs.


  • Adherence to academic honesty and responsibility.
  • Valuing and embracing diverse perspectives within the civil engineering community.
  • Addressing both national and global challenges relevant to the field.
  • Possessing a comprehensive understanding, encompassing knowledge of the humanities.
  • Recognizing and encouraging intellectual excellence and innovative thinking.
  • Maintaining an unbounded commitment to exploration, rationality, and enterprising spirit within the realm of civil engineering at NITM