Head of Department

Dr. Tribedi Bora
Ph.D(IIT Guwahati)



  1. Under Sakura Science Research Exchange Program, Ranit Roy, Dipta Surya Mahanta, Samujjwal Kumar Deka, Eliyash Ahmed and Dr. K. Senthilkumar visited Shimane University Japan Sponsered by Japan Science and Technology, Government of Japan during 24th of Jun - 13th of July 2019.
  2. Priyanki Kalita received the Best Poster Award in Frontiers in Terahertz Technology and Applications (FTTA-2021) at CSIR- National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, December 09-11, 2021
  3. Arindom Phukan received Best oral presentation award on the topic “Influence of magnetic field on laser-induced plasma formed in liquid”, National Conference on Plasma Science and Applications, SVNIT Surat, December 2021.
  4. Sanchia Mae Kharphanbuh received Best Poster presentation award on the topic "Study on the effect of external Magnetic field on the nucleation of nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquids", at the 30th National Conference on Condensed Matter Physics, Condensed Matter Days 2022 organized by National Institute of Technology Nagaland.
  5. Rimpee Kumari Sah received Best paper presentation award on the topic 'Texture analysis of Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals using Polarizing Optical Microscopy' in National Conference on Current Trends in Basic Sciences and its Applications 24 organised by Tinsukia College,Assam during 22-23 January 2024.