Center for Robotics and Mechtronics

Head of Department

Dr. Bikash Kumar Sarkar




Center for Robotics and Mechatronics, NIT Meghalaya Organized Workshop on Enabling Technologies in Robotic Through Sensor Integration, under TEQIP-III, May 24-28, 2019. The aim of the workshop was to bring researchers (Faculty and M. Tech, B. Tech, Ph D scholar) from various fields like from various discipline of engineering to enhance and enrich the collaborative research, which can be directly useful to the Industrial automation along with cutting edge technology. The concept of sensor integration can be utilized for robotics, automation, control, study of the dynamics of the system. In future the sensor integration along with industrial internet of thing combinedly can be use for online condition monitoring.  

In the workshop we were able to manage one expert from industry Mr. Omkarnath Rath. Other resource persons were Dr. Bikash Kumar Sarkar, Dr. Rabindra Narayan Mahapatra and Dr. Bunil Balabantaray The topics are covered in the workshop are,- Basics of LabView, Practical session on sensors(Force, LVDT, Strain Gauge, Pressure, Temperature And Humidity, Tilt/Displacement, Load Cell, Solenoid Valve and Relay Control) By NI system, Sensor integration and automation, Vision motion system, cRIO, PXI, The main focus of the workshop was hands on in Lab. to encourage students to conduct projects and develop model for simulation of the automation and control. Finally this can be upgrade to industrial application.