Center for Robotics and Mechtronics

Head of Department

Dr. Bikash Kumar Sarkar


Roadmap of proposed work

Sl. No. Major Equipment & Software Name of the Experiment/PhD/project work
1 INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS Integration of the physical system through IOT, fault detection, closed loop control, dynamic performance analysis.
2 Two Jaw Servo Gripper Grasping of objects and study different parameters like grasping force.
3 Articulated Robot-I
Make: Kawasaki Heavy Industrial Ltd.
Model : RS003N Articulated Robot-II
Make: Kawasaki Heavy Industrial Ltd.
Model : RS006L A Scara Robot
Scara is a type of Industrial robot most commonly used for pick-and-place or assembly operations where high speed and high accuracy is required.
4 Scara Robot 
Make: Omron
Model  : eCOBRA 800 Standard
Path planning for operations like welding, assembly, automatic pick and place operation. Collaborative operations like transferring objects with the help of three robots. Gripping of objects with the help of industrial gripper. Joint torque optimization of various mechanical operations
5 Industrial Grade Mobile Robot
Make: Peer Robotics
Model  : RM100_Industrial_Grade
Optimize path planning for the given task.
6 National Instruments Compact RIO Systems/National Instruments NI PXIe
Make: National Instruments
Model  : NI Crio-9068
NI PXIe-1082
The data acquisition system can be used for acquiring sensor data. Which may be sued for closed loop control, study the physical phenomenon of any engineering system.